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FF Type-0: Memories (Machina/Rem) [08.05.2015 — 2:24 pm]
final fantasy fanfiction

TITLE: Memories
SERIES: Final Fantasy Type-0
GENRE: romance
RATING: PG-13-ish
CHARACTER(S): Machina, Rem
PAIRING: Machina/Rema
SUMMARY: He is so sad for his loss but he is also happy that he can finally remember. He remembers.
OTHER: Written for yukitsubute for my drabble challenge (here.), beta-read by ivenclaire
Warning for spoilers concerning the ending of Type-0

Read it HERE.

The Journey Home - FFVIII [04.21.2015 — 10:04 am]
final fantasy fanfiction

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

(no subject) [07.13.2014 — 10:50 am]
final fantasy fanfiction


TITLE: The Hunt
SERIES: Final Fantasy 9
GENRE: Friendship/Romance
CHARACTER(S): Freya, Zidane
PAIRING: Freya/Zidane, Freya/Frately
SUMMARY: On the eve of the Hunt Festival, two old friends meet. Freya is still looking for Fratley. Zidane is still a hopeless skirt chaser. But this time, a few things are different.
OTHER: In-game rewrite.



LHAD - An AU Sequel to Final Fantasy X [10.25.2012 — 7:12 am]
final fantasy fanfiction


TITLE: Love Her and Despair
SERIES: Final Fantasy X / X-2
GENRE: Action/Adventure with a dash of angst, romance, and mythic tragedy
RATING: 98% T with a few fade-to-black-just-in-time moments that teeter on the edge of M

CHARACTER(S): Auron, Isaaru, Lulu, Rikku, Maroda, Elma, and a cast of...well, pretty much every named PC and NPC in both games except LeBlanc (ugh) and Seymour (Dead dead DEAD.) Have fun spotting the blitzball free agents whenever I needed a minor walk-on.

PAIRING: Auron/Lulu, with secondary Rikku/Wakka, occasional Lucil/Elma and hints of Baralai/Paine and Nooj/Paine. Also Gippal/AllTheBabes, but only in his own mind.

SUMMARY:A game-length AU sequel to FFX exploring the question: What if Yuna had chosen the Final Summoning? Thirteen years later, Isaaru must set aside the mantle of Grand Maester to resume his pilgrimage, aided and thwarted by Sir Auron, Yuna's surviving guardians, the Crusaders, Al Bhed, Crimson Squad, and a Sin like none before.

OTHER: Won Genesis Awards '09 Best Action/Adventure. Includes reader-submitted fanarts. Finally, see Epic 2-Minute Video Trailer below the cut:



Final Fantasy XX [09.19.2012 — 6:10 am]
final fantasy fanfiction

Title: Final Fantasy XX
SERIES: A mix of all of them
GENRE: Original Story, Acton/Adventure, Romance, Drama, Comedy
CHARACTER(S): Original Cast
SUMMARY: A paladin on a quest to fine Nine-teen warriors to stop Diabolos from taking over Vana'diel.
OTHER: The Main character's name is Donattsu, I wasnt able to think of a more creative name... but the story is nice. I wrote this fan-fic because i was bored and a lot of people wanted a Final fantasy fan-fic so i did one. Give it a read and tell me what you think!

Final Fantasy XXCollapse )


Forever Mine | Science, Saviors, Tragedy [08.12.2012 — 10:58 pm]
final fantasy fanfiction

Forever Mine
Character(s): Braska, Yuna
Rating: K
Genre(s): Family
Summary: Even when his life is taken, this memory is all he'll need.
Note(s): Pre-FFX

Science, Saviors, Tragedy
Character(s): Balthier, Vaan
Rating: K
Genre(s): General
Summary: Long before the war, there was a time where he was truly happy.

x3 Final Fantasy X drabbles [08.04.2012 — 4:14 pm]
final fantasy fanfiction

Title: Peculiarities
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters: Braska, Auron
Pairing: Auron/Braska
Rating: PG
Word Count: 217
Summary: Braska lies awake and wonders.

LJ | ff.net | AO3

Title: Viridian
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters: Auron, Yuna, Rikku
Rating: G
Word Count: 444
Summary: Braska had summoned his first aeon here, in these woods of trees like glass. Shiva calls, and Auron guards.

LJ | ff.net | AO3

Title: Winter is Coming
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters: Braska, Shiva, Ifrit, Auron, Jecht
Rating: PG
Word Count: 371
Summary: The true terror lies not within winter, but what comes after.

LJ | ff.net | AO3
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Make-Believe [06.01.2012 — 8:45 pm]
final fantasy fanfiction

Character(s): Tidus
Rating: K
Genre(s): General
Summary: My mother never read me stories.
Note(s): For rinhail, who gave the prompt "in my defense, I’d never actually read any fairytales."

Ingenero: Final Fantasy [05.14.2012 — 10:33 am]
final fantasy fanfiction


TITLE: Ingenero: Final Fantasy
SERIES: Dissidia: Final Fantasy/Duodecim
GENRE: Action/Adventure
RATING: T, for mild language, violence, and very mild suggestive themes
CHARACTER(S): Cosmos, and the next generation of warriors and villains (don't worry, most villains don't have a kid)
PAIRING: The Heroes of Duodecim/Dissidia aren't mentioned but hinted towards. If you're really curious, just shoot me a comment and I might /might/ tell you ;)
SUMMARY: They were chosen, but not of their own will. They are trapped in a world of endless conflict, with no end in sight. The children of the former Warriors of Cosmos; Harmony, Tor, Cecilia, Creon, Gwen, Terran, Quincy, Reks, Lea, Jet, Kaz, and Zeke.
OTHER: This is a next gen. I know most people don't like these, but please give this one a chance. At least read the first chapter before you judge. The next few chappies are on my page, bloodofcerberus.

Ingenero: Final Fantasy Ch1Collapse )


Final Fantasy VIII: Squall/Rinoa [wonderland of wanderer] [05.10.2012 — 10:59 pm]
final fantasy fanfiction

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Title: wonderland of wanderer
Character(s): Squall/Rinoa
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: They're meant to be together and forever apart. Semi-AU.

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