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Final Fantasy XX

Title: Final Fantasy XX
SERIES: A mix of all of them
GENRE: Original Story, Acton/Adventure, Romance, Drama, Comedy
CHARACTER(S): Original Cast
SUMMARY: A paladin on a quest to fine Nine-teen warriors to stop Diabolos from taking over Vana'diel.
OTHER: The Main character's name is Donattsu, I wasnt able to think of a more creative name... but the story is nice. I wrote this fan-fic because i was bored and a lot of people wanted a Final fantasy fan-fic so i did one. Give it a read and tell me what you think!

Final Fantasy XX
Chapter 1

“Donattsu it is up to you to save this world!” Shiva said as her body started to fade away.

“I can’t do it by myself!” I shouted.

“Find the other warriors!” Shiva’s body disappeared completely.

That small incident happened four years ago, when I lived with Shiva, one of the many Espers in Vana’diel. Shiva sent me on a final quest, to find the nineteen warriors of light. In this world there are two worlds one is Vana’diel where we humans live our lives in perfect harmony. Then there is the world of Espers. A world filled with powerful creatures that can cast spells strong enough to destroy Vana’diel. Shiva is the gate keeper of the road that connects the two worlds together but Diabolos, one of the evil Espers is plotting a way to break the gate, so that he can come to Vana’diel and conquer it as its own. Shiva used the last of her strength to keep him at bay using her own life force and froze the gate. My quest is to unite the twenty warriors and stop Diabolos’ evil plot, but fate isn’t looking so well for me. It has been four years and I haven’t found one of the twenty warriors. Time is running out. The ice that Shiva made to seal the gate is already starting to crack. I don’t know how much time I have left but I must find the other warriors.

“Hey there lad you’re a new face around here.” The pub keeper started a conversation.

“Yes, I got here the other day.” I said to him.

“Your armor is white like snow, you must be a paladin.”

“You sir are correct.”

“Who do you serve under if you are a paladin?”

“I serve under no one.”

“You are an interesting lad, would you like anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine thank you, can you tell me something?”

“What do you wish to know?”

“What are your thoughts on Espers?”

“Oh they’re fake Espers are just a myth that the old tell the new.”

“I see… another question, do you know if there’s a guild around here?”

“A guild… Hmmm you can try your way at Fire’s Nest, they aren’t a real guild but they do take jobs.”

“Thank you I’ll be on my way.” I got up and left the pub, as I got to the door the man spoke

“Keep your crystal close sonny!”

My senses sharpened, how does he know about the crystal, I looked down to my left poach, I glanced back at him and walked out of the bar.

I made my way to the Fire’s Nest hoping my crystal would resonate with another. As I got there an argument occurred and I was caught in the middle of it.

“You can’t join.” The man in the chair said to him.

“That’s absurd!” the hooded man replied.

“You’re a monk… we don’t need your kind to be doing our bidding now leave.”

“Fine I don’t need your lousy jobs anyways!” the hooded man walked out.

As he walked pass my crystal started to resonate. I then knew this man is one of the warriors that I have been searching for.

“You there that just walked in, what can I do for yeah?” the man in the chair said to me.

“Nothing I’ll be on my way.” I left the building and to chase after that man.

I ran after the hooded man, “Hey wait!” I caught up to him catching my breath.

“Yes.” He turned around.

“You… do you have a crystal?” I said as I pulled mine out of my left poach.

“You mean this?” he said as he pulled out his necklace.

The crystals start to resonate with each other.

“I found one… I finally found one!” I shouted with joy

“Found what?!” the hooded man was confused.

“You are a warrior of light!”

“Warrior of what?” he said in confusion, “I’m not looking for trouble, just work.”

“I too am not looking for trouble, I need your help.”

“So is this a job?”

“It can be.”

“Is there Gil involved?”

I paused, “No.”

The hooded man walks away.

“Wait!” I said stopping him in his tracks. “You have a crystal”

“This cursed crystal is the reason why I am looking for a job! I was banned from my temple because of this thing!” the man shouted with anger

“What for?” I said to him, the hooded man turned around and spoke.

“It’s because of this thing my people thought I was the one bringing misfortune to the temple! They thought I was at fault for the monsters to increase in numbers!”

“It’s not!” I shouted. “The increase of monsters is because of Diabolos!”


“Yes, Diabolos is an evil Esper! He is the reason that there is an increased monster rate. And the reason why they are around you so much is because of your crystal. He is tracking us down before we can unite.”

“Can I trust you?”

“I am a Paladin! You have my word!”

“Will I be able to return back to my temple?”

“If we can unite with the other warriors and defeat Diabolos the monster rate will go down and you can go back to the temple.”

The hooded man took off his hooded robe. “Then I will join you on this quest!” He is truly a monk wearing the yellow gi. “The name is Hoango” he said throwing his arm out.

I grabbed his forearm. “Donattsu”

“Let’s make this a hell of a journey.” He said as we walked out of the town.

“I’ve already been through hell, took me four years to finally find one of you.” I said as we reached the gate.

The both of us turned around and said together, “Good bye Jueno.”

As we got out of the town we headed south to Figaro hoping to find another companion to join our journey. I took this time to get to know Hoango my new companion.

“So you were banished from your temple?” I said to him starting a conversation.

“Yes I was. It was because of this crystal. All the other monks thought it was a curse.”

“Why is that?”

“My mother could be the reason; before my mother went to the temple she studied black magic.”

“She was a mage?”

“Yes, the monks weren’t too fond of her, but they still took her in.”

“Monks are known for their forgiveness.”

“Yes, and at the time my mother was carrying me inside of her, I wasn’t born yet. Then she died giving birth to me, the only thing I have left from my mother was this crystal. I owe my life to the monks they raised me as if I was there own, so when they banished me I was not able to fight back.”

“That’s rough.”

“What about you? What’s your story?”

“I lived in the north caverns with the Esper Shiva.”


“Yes, I was an abandoned child and Shiva saved my life from the cold chills and raised me to a Paladin.”

“You have lived with an Espers?”


“So Espers are real?”

“Yes, then four years ago Shiva gave her live to seal the Gate of Eidolons, just to by me time to find the other warriors.”

Our conversation got broken up by monsters. “We have incoming.” Hoango said.

“Cranivorous Crawlers.” I replied

“I’m not too fond of bugs.” Hoango got into a fighting stance.

“Neither am I.” I drew my sword from my belt.

“They’re two of them one for you and one for me!” Hoango charged in at one.

I rushed toward the other one. Carnivorous Crawlers belong to the crawler family they are yellow over grown caterpillars, that can spit out a stringy sticky like substance to draw in their prey. I readied my shield for the Crawler’s attack but it seemed intimidated so I decided to make the first move.

“Shield bash!” I knocked his face with my shield leaving him open for another attack. I raised my sword to attack again. Before I could land a blow the crawler swung its body knocking me on my back. I got up to one knee and the crawler spat out its web like substance, I guarded with my shield and it started to pull me in. its mouth opened and started to make its way through my shield. I took my sword and started to stab it on the side. The crawler let go of my shield and I took this chance to finish it off. I started a chant to cast a spell. As I channeled mana through my body I released the spell. “Oh mighty light ravage the beast, Holy!”

A big ball of light pierced through the crawler and disintegrated its body. I looked over to see how Honago was doing.
He was in a stance and his eyes were shut, the crawler was closing in.

“Hoango watch out!” I started to chant another spell.

Hoango opened his eyes and punched the crawler on its side, “Tiger Break!” A massive amount of chi exploded from Hoango’s arm in the form of a tiger making a load roar. I was so amazed by the strength of this monk I was unable to move. I saw the crawler twitch.

“It’s still alive.” I said to him.

“A Monks hands are not meant for killing Paladin.”

I smile, “Monks are true to their word.”

“Let’s get going the sun is going down soon.”

“You’re right let’s move.”

Hoango and I made our way to a fork in the road.

“If only we can take the left road,” I said. The left road was blocked by a giant boulder that was too large to go around or climb over. “It seems like we have to take the long route.”

“Give me a second.” Hoang went up to the boulder and got into another fighting stance.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him.

“Silence…” He demanded.

I stood there in silence not knowing what was to come. Hoango closed his eyes and took a lot of breaths. I wasn’t too sure what he was up to. He then opened his eyes and lightly punched the boulder. After a few seconds the boulder started to crack. I was amazed but it didn’t seem like it would break. Another few seconds passed and the boulder started to shatter. My eyes widen.

“Let’s take the shorter route.” Hoango said leading the way.

I smiled and followed, “Shiva, I’m glad I found the first one, another eighteen to go.”

To be Continue...

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