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final fantasy fanfiction

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final fantasy fanfiction
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Hello, and welcome to ff_fanfiction! This is a community where you can post fanfiction from any of the various games in the Final Fantasy series. They can be songfics, short stories, chapter stories, crossovers, even poems... as long as it's Final Fantasy-related. (No, Kingdom Hearts does not count.) Anyway, anyone is welcome to join, whether you're an amateur or someone who's been writing FF fanfiction for years. Or, hell, join because you just wanna read some. :D

but do heed to these rules;

001 Ooooookay. First and foremost... not everyone is a fantastic, gifted writer, but that doesn't mean you have to be a bitch to them. If you really, truly, honestly hate what they wrote, don't comment. Hurt feelings are no fun. However, some people may request criticism, whether it's harsh or constructive. Just be careful what you say, and make sure you remain within the writer's boundaries, okay? We want an enjoyable environment here, not a hostile one.

002 All stories must be put behind an LJ cut to save space. Lucky for you kids, I included the LJ cut code down below for posting stories in here, so it's ready to go. Also, if you have a story journal (like I do), you can link to the story there.

003 I still hate slash, but I've removed the no-slash rule. However, the no-incest rule is still in effect.

004 If there is adult content in a story, please make sure to label it as such (there is a posting form further down, but just make sure you remember to label). This saves any possible young writers'/readers' minds some severe mental trauma, and protects you from being harassed by people who find that kind of stuff offensive.

005 Please don't post anything off-topic. This community is for fanfiction only. Questions about fanfiction and the community itself are fine, but try to keep them limited, okay?

form to use when posting;

When posting a story here, you can use this form. It's not mandatory, of course; some people to it differently than others. :)

TITLE: the title of the story being posted.
SERIES: which final fantasy it's from.
GENRE: pick a category the story fits into. a list with explanations can be found here.
RATING: what rating would you give this? a list with explanations can be found here.
CHARACTER(S): who is in the story? (if it's the entire cast, you can just say that.)
PAIRING: if there's one or more pairings, list it or them here.
SUMMARY: give a brief explanation of the story.
OTHER: whatever else you'd like to mention.

[and here's where you'd cut it/give a link.]

(copy what's in the text box below to get the form.)


(other journal, fanfiction.net, etc.)

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