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Ingenero: Final Fantasy

TITLE: Ingenero: Final Fantasy
SERIES: Dissidia: Final Fantasy/Duodecim
GENRE: Action/Adventure
RATING: T, for mild language, violence, and very mild suggestive themes
CHARACTER(S): Cosmos, and the next generation of warriors and villains (don't worry, most villains don't have a kid)
PAIRING: The Heroes of Duodecim/Dissidia aren't mentioned but hinted towards. If you're really curious, just shoot me a comment and I might /might/ tell you ;)
SUMMARY: They were chosen, but not of their own will. They are trapped in a world of endless conflict, with no end in sight. The children of the former Warriors of Cosmos; Harmony, Tor, Cecilia, Creon, Gwen, Terran, Quincy, Reks, Lea, Jet, Kaz, and Zeke.
OTHER: This is a next gen. I know most people don't like these, but please give this one a chance. At least read the first chapter before you judge. The next few chappies are on my page, bloodofcerberus.

Chapter 1: The Conflict

They were brought into this world, with no memories to call their own

Forced to fight a battle that was not their own.

The warriors of Cosmos, and the warriors of Chaos

Collide once more in an epic struggle to preserve the world.

But it is not this world they protect.

It is the fate of all worlds that they must save.

But they know little of the true conflict, only fighting to survive.

And as one takes the role of leader, a puzzling question buzzes in their minds.

Why are they here?

She was the leader of the warriors of Cosmos. Tall, stoic, with a long tumbling mane of silver strands beneath a horned helm, she marched into battle with a firm grace possessed only by skilled warriors. Aqua-marine eyes stayed focused on their target as she moved forward, a wild mass of crystal-like creatures known only as manikins charging forth in an unorganized barricade.

Almost like in a dance, she swung her sword to and forth, batting away the creatures as if they were nothing more than flies. Their shattered pieces bounced off her pale blue armor, her skirt of golden feathers catching wind and twirling around her figure like an elegant tornado.

Her cape bellowing behind her, she overtook a dozen or so manikins in the flash of an eye, and as the dust settled, she continued forward, never pausing to admire the view as the ivory white tower loomed in the distance.

Another ran behind her, not as skilled or precise as she, trying his best to keep up with her pace. His orange bandanna kept his gray hair thankfully out of his eyes, and as he struggled to follow his leader back to base, he was vaguely aware of the going-ons around him.

However, he failed to notice one stray manikin approaching him from behind. It could have been the end of him, if it weren't for another warrior keeping taps on his back for him.

The manikin crumbled to bits as he whirled around, seeing the young woman remove the spear from the dislocated chest piece of the doll. He groaned as she threw him a glare before she met blades with another foe. He, too, battled a few manikins until finally he caught up with the leader.

The other two warriors were by his side as they waited for instructions. Turning, the leader stated coolly, "Get some rest while we're in Sanctum. There seems to be increased manikin activity, so I want everyone ready to take on the next battle with full strength."

"Harmony." The spear-wielding girl, dressed head to foot literally in metallic blue armor designed to take on the appearance of a dragon, spoke, her arms crossed in a familiar position in front of her chest. "Do you know why there are so many of these abominations out so close to Sanctum?"

"I can only speculate that Chaos's power is reaching greater heights," the leader replied solemnly. She turned to the fourth warrior, an albino with long, braided hair reached past his shoulder blades. "Tor, come with me to report our findings to Cosmos. She'll want to hear what you saw."

"Very well." Tor shifted the massive three-bladed scythe on his back to a more comfortable position as he followed Harmony up the tower to where Cosmos waited. The dragon-armored girl uncrossed her arms and followed before stopping and glancing at the bandanna-haired boy. "Are you coming, Creon?"

"Huh?" Creon looked up to see her watching him expectedly. "Uh, sure. Yeah, I'm coming, Cecilia."

"Good. Because I'm done saving you constantly from manikins." With that, she turned, her blond braid whipping around her as she climbed to the top with the others.

Creon sighed, shaking his head before joining her and others.

"The powers of darkness seem to be growing with each passing battle," Harmony stated, her brow furrowed with concern. She held her helmet to her side, her silvery bangs constantly falling into her eyes. She brushed the persistent bangs to the side as she finished, "Cosmos, we cannot continue fighting these endless battles if we hope to stop Chaos from returning to full power."

"I am aware," the deity said softly. She was looking down at her hands, her normally free-flowing blond hair now hanging in front of her face like a broken halo. "But what am I to do? If I should use what little power I have, the very fabric of this world would tear itself apart and bring an end to us all."

"I am not asking this at all," Harmony replied. "What I am asking is for suggestions, ideas, some form of strategy we can follow to end the war quickly so we may all return home."

"What's the point of even fighting this war?" a voice retorted. Harmony turned to see a girl with pixie-cut black hair and harsh demeanor march forward, her emerald eyes glowering down at the leader despite the significant differences in height.

"What do you mean by that?" Tor asked, a white eyebrow arched curiously. The girl snorted ruefully and suddenly reached out to grab him by his lavender scarf, pulling him close so they were face-to-face. "We don't even know why we are here, and you don't seem bothered by this at all?"

"Gwen, release Tor at once before I skin you alive!" Gwen barely had time to stagger back as Cecilia ran in-between them and stabbed her lance hard into the ground. Burning blue orbs dared the girl to retort as Cecilia jerked the lance out of the ground. "I need not remind you the consequences of laying a hand on any of our allies? Or was last time too gentle a warning?"

"All I'm saying is we don't have any reason to fight this stupid war," Gwen snapped back. She jerked her gunblade out its holster and pointed it at the spear-wielder. "You may jump high and wield a spear, but you don't stand a chance against a gunblade, so don't pick a fight with me, dragon girl!"

"Hey, now!" A tan boy with a scarf wrapped around his head jumped in the middle of the fray, waving his hands urgently. "Come on, guys, we're send to fight Chaos goons, not each other!"

"I agree," Tor stated, stepping in front of Cecilia. "Cecilia, I may not remember much of our world, but I do remember that dragoons do not pick fights without valid reason."

"She just gave me one," Cecilia growled. "She dared to hassle you, and then turned her weapon on me."

"Only because you attacked her!" retorted a young lad wearing the traditional garments of an Onion Knight. "If you hadn't jumped in with that spear, none of this would have happened." He glanced at the others and quickly added, "No pun intended."

"Terran," Cecilia sighed. "You are young, only twelve. Do you even understand the heavy matters hanging over our heads?"

"Hey! I'm not a little-"

"Enough! All of you!" Everyone turned to see Harmony glaring down them all. "As Quincy kindly pointed out, we are here to fight Chaos, not each other. Now all of you need to grow up, or none of us will be going home."

Creon had been in the background, watching the whole thing go on. He sighed, shifting from foot to foot before taking out a Potion from the pocket in his leather vest. It didn't take a genius to realize how different they were from each other. Harmony probably hailed from an older world, what with her mannerisms and choose of attire (feminized version of a knight's appearance to be precise), but there were those strange outbursts of fire to be wary of. Of course, she was normally a calm, held-together person, wisely choosing to keep herself out of the personal affairs of others.

Tor didn't seem the type of person all that willing to fight. Wearing a long, wide-sleeved tunic with a metal chest plate, metal-cladded boots, and a long lavender scarf, he appeared more like an explorer than a powerful warrior. Creon often wondered how on this world he was selected, but then again, not even the goddess Cosmos knew.

Oddly enough, Tor's frequent and faithful companion Cecilia was entirely different matter. She was a warrior at heart, obvious to anyone with eyes, and she walked with pride, her head held up high, a sort of dangerous yet beautiful stride in each step. Her fighting skills were similar to one of the minions of Chaos, Drake. However, if such a point were made, that person would find him or herself unfortunately at the bladed tip of her spear.

Terran was another strange case. Young, boastful, yet surprisingly clever, the child no doubt had no place in this war, yet here he was, fighting for Cosmos against the god Chaos. Quincy fell in the same boat as Tor, looking more like some entertainer, what with his outgoing personality, friendly exchanges and happy-go-lucky attitude. The only metal he carried on him was metal shin-protectors, and brass knuckles on his fists.

Gwen, well, she was from some world where old world traditions had no place. She was oddly not dressed for combat, wearing only a shirt, torn pants called "jeans," and the holster that carries the weapon known as a gunblade. Creon was familiar with several different types of weapons, but he had never laid eyes on such a weapon as that until meeting Gwen. Even if he didn't have much memory of his home.

Turning around, he marked how he himself didn't really fit into the whole war scene. He had the appearance of a simple farm boy, in his opinion, with nothing too fancy besides the large range of weapons at his disposal. Plus, his mental state wasn't well suited for combat, since he seemed to-

"Where'd you think the others got to?" a voice asked him from behind. Creon nearly jumped out of his skin in shock before the voice immediately began to apologize. He sighed, calmed himself down and shook his head. "No, it's fine. I was . . . just thinking again."

"You seem to do that a lot," Quincy observed, tilting his head. Creon actually began to wonder what was underneath the scarf, since Quincy kept such good care to keep it on his head. Shaking his head again, he stated, "Now, what was your question again?"

"Where the others are? You know; Reks, Lea, Jet, Kaz, and Zeke?"

"Yeah," Creon hummed and looked out over the edge of Sanctum. "Maybe they had some trouble with the manikins."

Suddenly, Quincy gasped and pointed out. "Or maybe one of Chaos's cronies got 'em!" Creon followed his finger and gasped as well when he saw the sight below. Turning together, they ran to the others.

Gwen regarded the two running fools as a nuisance when Cecilia asked what the matter was.

Creon pointed back the way they came. "The others! They're being attacked by Jupiter and Hydra!"

Harmony retrieved her sword and shield. "Then let us not waste time. Our friends' lives hang in the balance!"

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